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Swing 60s Fancy Dress Costumes

Groovey 60's Fancy Dress Costumes

The swinging sixties are one of the most popular fancy dress themes, and who does not what to take a trip back in time to one of the most colourful decades. Not to forget the fantastic dress sense that everyone had with the flower power shirts,  flare trousers and psychedelic glasses.


There are many top Moves and Bands that can be a few example are, Austin powers which hear at Party Pit Stop we have a huge range of 60's fancy dress outfits that would fit perfect into Austin's wardrobe, as well as 60's wigs and a wide range of 60's accessories. Who could forget the Beatles from the swinging sixty's, we have a few outfits that are perfect with the iconic grey suit and even the bright colours of the sergeant peppers.


To finish up who better to end with than with one of the biggest bands not just in the 60's but of all time, ABBA. So take a look through our collection of fancy dress out fits and become the dancing queen or king for the night.